Custom Masonry Repair

Every masonry repair is unique and requires a special eye and frame of mind to successfully conduct a repair. You can trust that Minor Masonry Repair has the skill and experience to successfully repair a broad range of masonry damages.

Tuck Pointing

Tuck Pointing is needed when the mortar between brick, stone, block or veneers becomes loose and starts to erode. Erosion of the mortar may weaken the structure. Joints are cut out and filled with color matching mortar strengthening the structure and bring back the original aesthetic beauty and configuration.


Stucco is One to three layers of cement mix over an under laymen on the exterior of a structure. Stucco is mainly used as a decorative coating for walls and ceilings. Because stucco is durable and attractive, it has become a very popular exterior material in modern homes and commercial buildings. Minor Masonry Repair can stucco new construction or repairs existing stucco with matching texture and color.

Brick, Block & Stone

Minor Masonry Repair uses brick, block, glass block, stone veneers and other such materials in new construction or to repair existing structures. MMR works with our client in choosing the materials that meets their aesthetics while keeping structural requirements in mind.

Historical Restoration

Historical structures have that special charm that our clients like to keep when restoration is needed. MMR ensures application and materials used match the original construction as closely as possible.

Custom Brick & Mortar

Minor Masonry Repair has been in the masonry industry for over 25 years. Because of our experience, we have developed an eye for matching brick and mortar. We can mix mortar ingredients in such a way as to closely match the existing mortar in the original construction. We also use recycled bricks that closely match the original bricks in the structure.

Chimney, Fire Pits & Kivas

Due to weathering and other factors, chimneys need repair. A well maintained chimney and firebox ensures safe operation. Minor Masonry Repair also repairs and builds fire pits and kivas.

Masonry Acid Wash & Pressure Washing

Brick and mortar has been used to make structures that can stand the test of time for centuries. While the structures are durable, overtime the structures beauty is affected by the development of efflorescence which are like stains on bricks. Efflorescence can emerge from the minerals of the brick or mortar, from neighboring materials, or from outside sources such as deicing chemicals or cleaning chemicals. Minor Masonry Repair can reduce or eliminate the stains on the bricks by acid washing or pressure washing the efflorescence away.

Minor Flat Work

Minor Masonry Repair constructs quality small walkways, patios, porches and landings. Minor Masonry Repair does not do large flat work projects, such as long concrete driveways or large sections of sidewalks.

Custom Masonry Remodeling

Minor Masonry Repair is experienced and known for the quality work in remodeling walls, pathways, patios, mailboxes, pillars, fireplace veneer and other masonry projects. “No Job Too Small”