MMR Office Update 2021

     For over 25 years MMR has seen many dynamic changes in the expansive aspects of life. The community has endured a lot in 2020 ; hardships for many both near and dear to us. Our thoughts and prayers we extend to them. 

During the holidays- we became aware of how fragile and precious time can be. We are in the middle of a family transition as MMR's dear OfficeManager, Geri, was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. We are still working with amazing clients, taking calls and supporting the community as we have for many many wonderful years.

 Our family has been finding strength in one another and as things progress forward, new family members will be integrated into the office of MMR.  

For New clients we look forward to working with you, for established clients we thank you! 

We appreciate your patience and support during this time. Calls, Emails and messages will be addressed as quickly as possible, we are asking for 24-48 hour response time for new enquires and requests for bids. 


              The Veltkamps 

   Covid-19 MMR Update 2020


Due to the social distancing protocols and regulations , MMR's Office and Consulting team now offers a few new features to help keep our community safe and our clients able to continue enjoying their space safely. Masks are worn and the crew maintains distance given the working conditions. We provide quotes via pictures sent to our email or via text message. 

For more intricate jobs we offer scheduled meetings and "drive by's" Where Tom or one of the other Masons will evaluate the job site with out the client needing to be there for interaction. A direct phone call detailing the quote and to 

answer additional questions, concerns or requests will be provided. We also have contactless payment options available.

We are happy to assist and support your individual needs, Please contact us and we will happily work to find a way to support your health and well being.

              The Veltkamps